A larger than average springtime increase in cycling

One of the unexpected silver linings of lockdown is the rise in cycling. Today’s Times (1st June 2020) report that since lockdown began, public transport use has dropped by more than 90%, car journeys by 60% but cycling has risen. Last month there were a record 170,000 extra bicycle trips in Greater Manchester in just one day!

Sales of bikes are also booming Evans Cycles said it has seen an “unprecedented demand” for bikes and now has a two-week wait for models to be delivered while sales of cycle equipment at Halford has risen by 500% since the start of the lockdown.

Cycle to work scheme
Meanwhile, cycle-to-work schemes that give tax benefits to employees to buy a new bike from official stores have reported a doubling in sales – a figure that is expected to rise even further as workers realise, they can get a new bike without an upfront payment. The sunny weather has no doubt helped with May 2020 having 60 extra hours of sunshine since records began in 1929. Hopefully with the £2 billion investment package by the government, along with associated infrastructure i.e. dedicated cycle lanes let’s hope the increase in cycling will be more than spring /summer fad of 2020!

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