Post-Covid Cycle Share Thoughts

The team shares some insights on the landscape we can expect post-Covid.  This download explores reasons to be optimistic, advice for transport operators, and advice for public authorities.


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Work from home or work from town. Opportunities in adapting to a COVID-19 world?

City centres have been decimated since March 2020 as workers and companies have had to radically reshape the way business...

Helmet or no Helmet

For those who have worked in the active travel sector for some time will testify to, the debate about helmets...

eScooters are coming but in tentative steps. What should we learn?

Visit any major European city and the micro-mobility revolution is evident everywhere. Until COVID-19, cities were abuzz with colourfully branded...

A larger than average springtime increase in cycling

One of the unexpected silver linings of lockdown is the rise in cycling. Today’s Times (1st June 2020) report that...

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